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Get down in Ankh Morpork.

Discworld Nightlife
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Everyone knows that many incredible things happen on the Discworld. But what happens at night, when no one's looking? Or when everyone's looking? Or when some people are looking, and other people are busy trying to pretend that they're not looking? And what happens when C.M.O.T. Dibbler starts doing the hula?

Find out here.

Check out the friends view to see the character journals, which are updated semi-frequently!

You may contact us at discoworld [at] gmail.com

This RPG has started! To see the list of available characters, should you want to take part, go here.

feverstruck is the watcher community. Join up if you want. Announcements and such will be posted there for whatever lurkers or watchers might be around.

4ahardboiledegg: Sam Vimes
cordial_flask: Nanny Ogg
curry_murderer: Death
deworde: William De Worde
diamond_teeth: Cohen the Barbarian
i_sniff_things: Angua
itsfreshiswear: C.M.O.T. Dibbler
itsnotaboutsize: Carrot Ironfounderson
miniscythe: Death of Rats, Quoth the Raven
mydadlikescats: Susan Sto Helit
notatalkingdog: Gaspode
onestrictwitch: Esme Weatherwax
oook_ook: The Librarian
pale_patrician: Havelock Vetinari
rocket_wizzard: Ponder Stibbons
scarrednstinky: Greebo
sleepy_sarge: Fred Colon
stopchasingme: Rincewind
wow_wow_lover: Mustrum Ridcully